Varshasookt - One of the largest solar integrator company in Indian sector with a focus on the solar photovoltaic system.



The current levels of dependence on fossil fuels, the need for reducing the carbon emissions associated with energy use and the prospects of developing a new and extremely innovative
technology sector, make solar energy increasingly attractive. India is a country rich in sun-light throughout the year.



Solar power generation is about converting solar energy into direct current electricity using semiconducting materials that exhibit the photovoltaic effect.


We provide

  • SolarPV

  • Solar Photovoltaic

  • Solar Plant

  • Power generation with PV technologies with complete turnkey solutions

  • Captive Solar Power Plants

  • Services including feasibility Study Report for installation of Solar power generation projects

  • primary Site Survey, Potential Analysis

  • Coordination & synchronization various agencies like landowners, EPC contractors, govt. agencies, financers for setting up projects.

  • primary Documentation & Technical Support

  • Start Fragment End Fragment

  • Project Sales & EPC Partnership



  • Partly or complete self-sufficiency for power

  • 2- 3 years Payback on commercial, industrial and manufacturing

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15 years of experience in Environmental Engineering with specialization in Rainwater Harvesting, Municipal level water supply, Solar Power Generation, Biomethanization, Wastewater Treatment. Post-graduation in Environmental Engg., Graduate civil Engg. Worked with organizations like Pratibhaindustries, Das Offshore Pvt Ltd, Aireff deTox Pvt Ltd. extensive expertise in tendering, contracts, business development, EPC of projects. Successfully completed a few milestone projects for Indian Army




40+ years of experience in CXO Level in IT Companies, Bank management, P&L centre management in banking software industry. International and national experience in Business Management, Sales and marketing, software projects, implemented ISO 9000-2000 norms and quality: B.E., Electrical & Electronics 

shriniwas dighe



31 years of experience in Engineering Industry with specialization in Process Equipment like continuous Filters, Mixers & Agitators, Compressors, specialty Pumps, specialty Valves. Associated with International Industrial Leaders like ITT Corporation, Xylem, Cla-Val, Pannevis / Larox, Thomassen Compression, Wilden Pumps, Bran +Lubbes, Geho, Ekato, Robin Industries etc. Also has acquired vast experience in Large Project Management:Dipl. In Production Engg.




40 years of experience in designing structures in aircraft hangers, high rise, industrial and steel structures; Post Graduate Structural Engg. Course Professor at Govt. Engg college, VJTI, Mumbai. M.Tech. Structural Engg & B.E. Civil.



A result-oriented professional with over 2 decades of diverse experience in operation, maintenance and training in facilities management, the defence forces and shipping industry. Equally at ease in diverse roles such as infrastructure management, strategic planning, operations, maintenance and general administration.Proficient in overseeing operations and maintenance of boilers, steam turbines, diesel/turbo generators, HVAC, Refrigeration plant, Hydraulic machinery, etc.